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Joe with his wife and daughter.

Joe Russell Productions was founded by Joe in 2011 and, since then, has produced more than 200 projects including VR, Feature Films, Tv Pilots, Commercials, Music Videos, Radio Spots and other digital content. 

In 2022 Joe joined Chamaeleon Productions, founded by filmmakers Jocelyn Stamat and Terry Rossio.  Chameleon Productions' objective is to combine ambitious storytelling with compelling visual techniques and world-class creative talent to produce genre feature films with wildly imaginative characters, featuring heartwarming stories for audiences of all ages.

Joe values a kind and diverse crew who value the on-set experience as much as the finished product.  Over the years he has cultivated an extensive network of crew, vendors and post-production facilities and is involved in all facets of each production he takes part in.

As of Dec 27th 2019, after a personal tragedy, Joe vows to never produce any content that depicts firearms in a positive way.

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