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Gilmore Girls

I had no real acting work or money coming in last week, except for my one day stint as a body double for an actor named Jared Padalecki on Gilmore Girls. They had me in a wig (that dude has a lot of hair) and they filmed me from behind in a party scene standing next to an actress named Arielle Kebbel. She was very nice! She was telling me how getting a good agent was the most difficult thing to do in Hollywood. I was only around Alexis Bledel for 15 mins or so, but she is very impressive. Nice to everyone, professional, great actor and just has an overall peaceful vibe to her. Would love to work with her (for real) one day.

I was feeling a little sad today thinking of the family events back in Illinois that I am missing. Friday night fish, random stop in visits to my grandparents, playing ball with my cousin Russell, visiting the highschool and talking to teachers that I really respect, playing Mario Kart with my buddy Goody. While I was focusing on that, I got a call about a voice over job that works for 8 days! I have never had that long of a gig before, so I am very thankful for this. I will be reading a book on tape for Leonardo DiCaprio! A book on Howard Hughes.

Tonight, I had dinner with my pals Ryan and Ben and then went off to play a softball game. From there, I rushed over to the Friars club to smoke a really disgusting cigar. I act like I like it, but it is really terrible. Rolling old leaves in newer leaves, lighting it on fire and then willingly breathing in the smoke. Humans are dumb. Even weirder is the pressure I feel to act like this is totally normal behavior.

What else what else... I have a busy few days ahead of me. Tomorrow night I am driving to a place near Disney land to see a girl, she is nice. My grandmother is out of the hospital, but she has to have some surgery in a week. I need to work on my audition for the Actors Co-Op. I have noticed that my internal fire that drove me to move out here some how has subsided a bit. Perhaps I am letting some of the rejection get to me. There is a lot of it to go around.

Who knows what will happen tomorrow!


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