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Leo canceled. Hi David Proval!

The voice over book reading job did not go very well. I recorded for 3 days in a very nice studio, but I think they were thinking I was going to be able to record the entire book straight through without any mistakes. I have never spoke to a book on tape voice over artist, but I would like to think they they make mistakes from time to time. Maybe I am wrong??? Anyway, once the producer did some math, he realized that having me record the 3 books they wanted me to read would take about 3 times longer than they had budgeted. So, they paid me $300 bucks and sent me away. A bit of a bummer since I was expecting almost 2 grand from it. But I understand that this is the way it was supposed to go. The recording artist was really upset every time I messed up. It was really an uncomfortable gig!

My friend Melissa is working on a movie for Hallmark and she asked me if I could PA for a day. Since I now have a little spare time I told her yes. My job was to pick up David Proval from his house and bring him to set. He is a great guy! On our 30 min ride, he told me about his experience as an actor in NY and LA and even offered for me to stay in touch with him if I ever had any questions. I did ask him about agents and he said "Oh agents, I have had the same one forever so I can not offer much guidance there." Once we got to set, I helped out a little on set and in the office. The behind the camera stuff is very interesting.

I have only been getting about 4 hrs sleep at night during the week. I make up for that on the weekends sleeping in very late. I need to do my taxes tomorrow. Insert other random fact here.

~ Joe

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