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Spaghetti sauce and Jose Canseco

Some bad and good news to report on the acting front. This past Wed night I went to shoot a TV pilot I was cast in. When I showed up, they had cut my characters 2 lines! Luckily, while on set, I received a call from the AFI director that I recently auditioned for. So, early Thursday I met my co-star and we had about 3 hrs of rehearsal time. Thursday I kept busy with lots of those little things that I had to get accomplished (Phone calls, e-mails, exercising, ghost hunting)

This is a great moment for me to let the internet world know that I make excellent spaghetti sauce! My 2 friends (who I made spaghetti for 2 nights ago) can totally vouch for me. Since I am not a selfish guy, I will go ahead and list my super secret recipe below. If you feel guilty acquiring this life changing recipe for free, you can always send me a check. Or throw quarters at me next time you see me.

Last night I had a industry mixer at the Friars Club, and then got invited to The Standard on Sunset Blvd. It was my first time at the Stardard. It is a nice place, but I am not into bars too much. Jose Canseco was there. That dude is HUGE. Even though he has many accomplishments, all I could think of was that ball bouncing off of his head for a homerun when he was a Texas Ranger.

About to head off to a fashion show downtown. I have no idea what to expect, other than possibly some creepy guys. I will likely feel very protective of everyone on stage and want to fight every guy who is gawking at them.

~ Joe

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