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Pete Tong and Moby at the Hollywood Bowl

Joe Russell Pete Tong Moby

Today I produced a promo video for Pete Tong's upcoming show at the Hollywood Bowl. Moby was gracious enough to join us too. We had a tight little 3 camera setup with Chris Louie Directing, Joseph Aguirre shooting, Tad Chamberlain doing sound, Rachel Donofrie as 1st AC, Paula Scarpino doing make up and Iam Bloom and my good buddy Ryan Carlberg PA'ing. Ryan is an accomplished actor, but from time to time he like to play on this side of the camera. I had to cancel on him yesterday for golf, so asking him to come work in the sun for 4 hours and making him climb the million stairs to the top of the Hollywood Bowl while carrying heavy tripods totally made up for that.

Did you know the Hollywood Bowl is a public park? Tis' true, tis' true. Anyone can go there during the day and just walk around. It is cool to see the place without people. It, somehow, looks even bigger. I guess fitness folks go there in the morning to run the stairs. If you want to meet me there sometime to do that... you can forget about it.

Moby is a great guy. Very humble and very interested in life. He owns a vegan restaurant in silver lake called Little Pine. My wife has been like 90% Vegan lately, so we are going to go check it out.

It is going to be a great show on Nov 9th... Pete is going to have a 65 piece orchestra playing with him! Hopefully we can get my crack team of talented filmmakers in there to record the whole thing.

:) Joe

Thanks Rachel Donofrie for taking these pics!

Pete Tong talking to Chris Louie
Joe Russell and Tad Chamberlain
Pete Tong and Moby

Chris Louie Hollywood Bowl
Tad Chamberlain Sound

Joe Russell Pete Tong Moby Chris Louie

Joe Russell Ryan Carlberg

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