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Church and a weird play

I was going to go to Ikea today, but when I went outside my 67 year old recently widowed neighbor asked Ryan and I if we wanted to go to church with her. So, we did that instead. She is still really sad and I think having company helped her feel a little better. From the looks of it, the Roman Catholic Church has NOTHING from Ikea. After that, I went with my other roommate and his friend to breakfast at Big Boy's in Burbank. That giant Big Boy statue they have outside is hilarious.

Yesterday I picked up some plays from Samuel French that an acting coach told me to look at. I have an audition coming up soon for The Actors Co-Op, a great little theater company in Hollywood. I saw Man of La Mancha there and it really blew me away. This actor named Ted Rooney was incredible. I need a monologue and a song for my audition. Will probably settle on something from Neil Simon... you know, totally undiscovered stuff. Ha.

I recently read this play named Equus. Everyone says how amazing it is, but I kept falling asleep while reading it. It is super weird. If you are into making out with horses, I guess you would like it.

I talked with my Mom and sis a little today, my grandma is in the hospital with a few problems. I am still trying to find the balance of work, fun, and family. My hope is that one day I will be more secure with my career so I can visit my home in Southern IL more often.

Last night we had an awesome party at my place. So many people in the backyard! It was the first time in awhile that I took some time off and truly enjoyed my friends. Tonight I slept through a live reunion show with some of the cast members of SCTV... I am bummed out that I missed it... but maybe I would have been hit by a bus if I went. Everything happens for a reason! I probably saved my own life tonight. Thanks me.

~ Joe

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