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Shooting and AFI film

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

A friend heard me coughing the other day and said "That cough doesn't sound good." My response was "What kind of cough does sound good?"

This past Saturday we started filming that AFI thesis film I booked. We filmed from 12:30pm until we lost daylight on the beach near a bunch of cool natural rock formations. We are shooting on a high end "DV" camera that costs around 10 grand. We accomplished a lot on that first day. What a dream it was to be working by the ocean, in Malibu with a bunch of nice and talented people. The director Graham Tallman is quite talented and he certainly knows how to get what he is after.

Hopefully after it is released I will be able to post it on here. Short post tonight! Early day of filming tomorrow.

Why do they make decorative soap out of real soap?

~ Joe

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