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The Little Rascals

When I was 6 years old and bummed out that my broken arm had to be in a hard cast, my grandparents took me to the senior center at the end of town to “watch a movie and eat popcorn.” For 50 cents, each kid got a soda and unlimited popcorn. When the lights dimmed, we were all introduced to the little rascals.

This happened once every 2 weeks during the summer and I never missed a week.

The popcorn was always plentiful, the soda always cold, someone ripped our tickets as we walked in (just like a real theater.) I do not remember any of the escapades that the rascals got into... but I remember vividly the glow on the faces in the audience. It was peaceful.

The last time I visited home, I asked my grandfather to take me to a meeting at the VFW. When I was there, I got to thank them in person and asked them if they still did those screenings and they do! So, if you find yourself in Smithton, Illinois... and are 6 years old.... go check it out.

I plan on building a movie theater in my home town one day.

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